Rotary Die Cutting Machines

Converting, Laminating with CCD Vision, Color/Proximity Sensor Alignment, extremely tight tolerance and high performance.

Flatbed Die Cutting Machines

Standard Flatbed Die Cutting machines designed to meet your most challenging converting needs for roll or sheet materials.

Inline Printing + Cutting Machines

Inline Scree/Flexo Printing + Rotary Die Cutting simplifies process design, increases productivity and saves material cost

HOACO Rotary Die Cutting Machine Stations

High-Precision Components for Tight Tolerances and Minimal Waste

When a fast running speed isn’t enough to serve your customers, you need HOACO's precise registration and tension control, vision inspection systems, proven converting techniques, and modular designs to stay ahead of the competition.

Rotary Die Cutting Machine

Industries Served

From wound care dressings to automotive gaskets to diagnostic test strips, our process experience and flexible platforms will take the risk out of your manufacturing. Our customers use our machines across many industries including medical, pharmaceutical, labels, consumer goods, automotive and electronics.

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Established in 2004, HOACO is a premier automation solution provider for web converting and packaging systems. Our flagship high-precision multi-stations Rotary Die Cutting (RDC) machines have served manufacturing customers with excellence in diverse industries. Today, HOACO is the unrivaled top supplier of rotary die cutting machines domestically in China, while gaining customers rapidly overseas.

Newer materials, higher precision and better products make it particularly challenging for converters to find the right machinery partner to meet these challenges. HOACO's flexibility, competence and experience will ensure that our customers requirements are turned into high quality machines to meet your expectations.


To make machine cutting more intelligent and deliver innovative converting solutions that solve customers' most demanding challenges​