Solid Rotary Dies

Precision Rotary Dies for Any Job, Any Time - Every Time

Quality Rotary Solid Dies at Best Value

Being a rotary die cutting equipment supplier, we know better the importance of quality rotary dies than everyone else. Through fully-owned subsidiary companies, HOACO has the full capabilities to design and build all types of high precision rotary solid dies to better serve our customers with stringent quality control and fast turnaround time.

Whenever you engage HOACO for a rotary die cutting solution, you are guaranteed for the best result and precision as we own the complete production cycle from machine to process to rotary dies.

Fabricated by high precision CNC machines with heat and special surface treatment, solid rotary dies deliver outstanding hardness, precision wear resistance and longer life. 

Each and every rotary die can be tailor-made to customer’s specific product requirement.

Pin-eject rotary die enables cutting and holes waste removal simultaneously. Widely used in the tag and label industry, this innovative solution can effectively avoid the problems of broken cavities and bad cutting effect because of the build-up of small die cut slugs. 

Made hollow inside the tooling body, vacuum dies have through holes on the body to allow material waste extraction by vacuum supplied by a hose connected to the tooling shaft. 

Technical Specifications

Rotary Die Type Standard Die HSS Die Mini Die
Steel Type DC53
High-Speed Steel (M2 or M42) NAK80
Hardness 18-22 HRC (Before HT)
57-63 HRC (After HT)
< 23 HRC (Before HT)
60-64 HRC (After HT)
37-43 HRC (No HT)
Precision ±0.03mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
Lead Time 7-10 days 14 days 2-4 days
Heat Treatment 24 hours 48 hours None
(Based on PET 50um)
200K rotations 1M rotations 20K rotations
Tooling Rework Up to 3 times Up to 3 times No rework
Usage Most Common Softer / non-ferrous metal materials For prototyping use only
Gear Teeth 50-300 (Gear Pitch: 3.175mm)