Rotary Printing + Cutting Machine

For a Lasting Impression Cut Precisely


What is Rotary Screen Printing?

Rotary Screen Printing is a stencil process where a cylindrical screen containing the image rotates in a fixed position. As the web moves between the screen and the impression roller, screen’s motion forces the ink through the stencil openings onto the substrate through a squeegee.

Our rotary screen printing is more versatile than traditional printing techniques. The printing surface does not have to be printed under pressure and not necessarily planar Different inks can be used to work with a variety of materials. The printing can achieve many types of high color saturation, light-resistant prints with special effects of endless possibilities.

By integrating rotary screen printing and rotary die cutting into a single machine, it brings new possibilities in process design and capabilities, as well as potentially large cost savings in materials by avoiding prepared printing.

Rotary Screen Printing Unit

Printing Cylinder

Benefits of UV Ink

  • Fine detailing with color saturation
  • Thin print film and low ink usage
  • Fast printing speed
  • Scratch-resistant print finish
  • No toxic fumes
  • Eco-Friendly

Corona Treater


Printing Width 5-220mm
Cylinder Repeat 305mm (96T) - 610mm (192T)
Printing Speed Up to 150m/min
Screen Mesh Count 75-400
Ink Film Thickness 6-280um

integrated Flexographic PRINTING + DIE CUTTING

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