Converting, Laminating, Indexing, Autotuning & CCD Alignment
Extremely Fast and Precise

HOACO machines are the preferred solutions for manufacturer multilayered products, which enables die cutting, converting, laminating, CCD registration & inspection in a single pass. RDC machine are widely used in many fields of applications, especially in electronics, medical & cosmetics, automobile, labels & printing industry. It can accommodate materials of different density, thickness and composition based on the requirements of your application.

Die Set Station


Converting, Laminating, CCD Alignment, Inline Printing, Rotary Die Cutting, and Laser Cutting are all complete in this module.


Available in 3 to 30 movable stations, our machines enable ultimate flexibility in process design and material placement.

Standard Web Width

Available in 250mm or 350mm standard web width. Custom-built machines can accommodate web width up to 750mm.

Unwind/Rewind Station


Adjustable unwind/rewind stations enable extreme flexibility in material placement, tension control and quick changeover.

Close-Loop Tension Control

To reach high precision, the tension of each material must be very stable. Through air shafts driven by independent servomotors, material tensions, with values set through HMI interface, can maintain high stability, regardless of speed and roll diameter.

Auto Alarm

Set auto alarm by setting minimal roll diameter before materials run out

Island Placement

Island placement is the process of starting and stopping a secondary web so a die cut part can be placed on a primary web at a larger repeat. It is primarily used to

Minimize material waste

Place a smaller part on a larger part at an exact location

Insert an RFID/NFC inlay on a label or sandwiched into a booklet label

Placing a die cut part multiple times at different repeat intervals on a larger part

Dual Systems

Any RDC station in a single machine can be independently assigned to either System 1 or System 2 – Dual systems, which can be configured to manufacture two different products, operated by two operators at the same time without any dependence. 

Buy 1machine, get 2 systems

Ultimate simplicity & flexibility

Improved machine OEE for simpler products

Reduced factory footprint

Simple or complex, your product requirements define our machine configurations

Available from 3 to 24 adjustable stations, our machines enable ultimate flexibility in process design and material placement. Each station is fully capable of handling multiple layers of kiss cutting, through cutting or lamination.

Not Finding the Right Model You Want?​

The base frame, # of die set stations and # of unwind/rewind stations can be customized according to your specific requirement.