Flatbed Die Cutting Machine

High Accuracy, High Speed, Low Noise
Best Choice for Cleanroom


Rotatable and adjustable dies allow for best cutting position adjustment. Hardware dies improve stamping precision, fast changeover and die exchangeability


Driven by the servomotor with ball screw minimizes noise and vibration. Extremely strong machine frame supports precise kiss or through cutting force up to 12 tons

Best for Cleanroom

Without oil contamination of hydraulic system, this machine can be used in Class 1000 clean room directly without any extra appliance

Max Speed 300 times/min 200 times/min
Max Cutting Force 50kN 120kN
Max Cut Size 200x180mm Horizontal: 420x320mm  |   Vertical: 320x420mm
Feeding Distance 24mm 28mm
Mold Clamping Heigh 105mm 115mm
Adjustable Depth ±5mm ±5mm
Material Feeding Speed ≤ 70m/min ≤ 70m/min
Material Feeding Precision ≤ 0.2% mm Servo Control ≤49mm ≤ 0.2% mm Servo Control ≤50mm
Safety 3-Sides Safety Curtain 3-Sides Safety Curtain
Compressed Air Pressure 0.55-0.65Mpa 0.55-0.65Mpa
Operating Modes Jog | Single | Continuous | Project Jog | Single | Continuous
Dimension L1200 x W910 x H1250mm L1500 x W1500 x H1450mm
Weight 1.0 Ton 2.3 Tons
Power 3-Phase 380V, 6kW 3-Phase 380V, 11kW
Lubrication Fully Automatic Lubrication System
Dies Supported Wood | Plastic | Chemical Etching | Steel

Lamination MaCHINES

For lamination and automatic waste discharge of multi-strip, multi-layer adhesive tape, thin film and release papers, etc. 

Laminating Unit 2 sets 3 sets
Unwind Shaft 3 sets 4 sets
Rewind Shaft 2 sets 3 sets
Speed ≤ 30m/min
Web Width ≤ 300mm
Web Diameter ≤ 350mm
Dimension L1620 x W920 x H1430mm L1960 x W920 x H1430mm


Specialized sheeting machine used in adhesive tape processing industry for converting tape rolls into sheets.

Max Sheeting Speed 180 sheets/min 110 sheets/min
Fixed-Length Sheeting Precision 0.4% mm 0.2% mm
Power Single-Phase 220V 900Watt Single-Phase 220V 1500Watt
Dimension L660 x W400 x H1300mm L1350 x W650 x H1500mm
Weight 1.0 Ton 2.3 Tons