CE-Certified Safety+ RDC Machine

Custom-Built for European Market
Designed for safety and CE compliance

The CE mark is a mandatory European marking for machinery and equipment to indicate conformity with the essential health and safety requirements set out in European Directives. To meet CE regulatory safety requirement, HOACO has developed a Safety+ model RDC machine specifically designed to be 100% CE compliant, including the full set of CE certifications and technical files.

Safety+ Model
Standard Model
Safety+ Model
Standard Model
Safety Control Systems
Safety PLC
Safety-Grade Servomotor
Generic Servomotor
Electrical Components
100% CE-certified
Partially CE-certified
Electrical Isolation
Compartmental Isolation
Single Enclosure
Safety Control Mode
Use Handheld Jog Switch to Reduce Speed and Enter Risk Zone
Use Password to Enable/Disable Safety Curtain
Safety Curtain
Covers entire machine width and height
Covers RDC stations only
Door Locks
Safety Locks
Key Locks
CE Certificate
Yes (by TUV)
Yes (by UDEM)
Safety Standards
2006/42/EC MD
2014/35/EU LVD
2014/30/EU EMC
Technical Files
Full Set of CE Technical Files
Machine Operations Manual Only
Lead Time
120 days
60 days
Can be Imported into EU?
Precision & Functions
HOACO Declaration of Conformity
CE Technical Files