Satellite RDC Machine

Ultra High Precision up to ±0.05mm

Satellite 3+11S+3 Model
Satellite 6+13S+6 Model
  • Designed to achieve ultra-high precision up to ±0.05mm, satellite-type RDC station leverages mechnical sun-planetary gears to make it possible to cut extremely thin dimensions with high precision.
  • Ultra-high master-slave cutting alignment precision
  • Mechnical precision with Sun (550T) and Planetary gears
  • Ultra-high master-slave cutting alignment precision
  • 11 or 13 Satellite-Station models. Primary stations can be directly used for cutting/lamination. Secondary stations can be expanded with supporting fixture devices.
  • Each statellite station can be used for cutting or lamination
  • Unified machine frame with standard RDC stations for ultimate integration and precision

Technical Specifications

Satellite Model
3+11S+3 Model
6+13S+6 Model
Satellite Stations
5 Primary + 6 Secondary
7 Primary + 6 Secondary
Sun Gear Teeth
Master-Slave Alignment Precision
Planetary Cutter Teeth
Min: 22T  |  Max: 105T
L5460 x D2090 x H2450mm
L7450 x D2090 x H2450mm
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