Sheet Inspection Machine

Standalone Inspection Machine
High-Resolution CCD Vision Camera
Ease-to-Configure Inspection Software

  • High-resolution vision-based inspection system
  • Dual incoming sheets holder for uninterrupted machine operation
  • Dual camera to examine products from top and bottom
  • Software interfance/functions can be customized per customer requirements
  • Automatic FG binning according to inspection criteria

Sheet inspection machine is a standalone CCD-camera-based visual testing system used for offline product dimension measurement, appearance check and inspection for defects for products in rolls. Inspection type includes product count, impurities, stains, bubbles, unevenness, missing units, blue films, etc. The machine can also be ordered to custom-made dimension, capability and appearance.

Pick Up
Incoming sheets in stacks placed into holders.
Rotating turntable moves sheet into vision camera's field of view
Image Capture
Camera captures a clear snapshot for image analysis.
Pass/Fail Binning
Pass/Fail products picked and placed into designated bins.
Technical Specifications
Field of View
Standard 80x60mm. Larger area possible at reduced precision by Lens zooming
Inspectable dimension: >0.1mm
Precision: ±0.01mm
Grayscale Delta: >20
CCD Software
CCD Controller
Advantech Industrial PC
5-12M Pixels Resolution
Basler Brand
Telecentric, Adjustable Focus and Zoom
Moritex Brand
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