Mask Pouching Machine

Individually Pouched Mask for Quality Assurance

Individually Pouched Masks

The machine

  • Fully integrated with face mask machines to seal mask into individual pack
  • Reciprocating heat-seal technology for tight sealing with minimal air residue
  • Medical-grade quality, higienic finish for quality assurance
  • Easy-to-use with V-shaped tear notch on both sides


Mask Packing Mask packed in individual pouch
Pouch Size 240 x 100mm for KF94 masks
Top Layer Poly-Coated Paper
Bottom LayerTransparent PET
Sealing Method Reciprocating Heat Seal
Production Speed 50-60 pcs/min
Packaging Dimension L2500 x W1670 x H2470 mm
Machine Weight 2.5 Tons
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